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WIC Shopping Guide

Participating in the WIC program is probably one of the smartest decision you made for your and your child’s health. This shopping guide was created for all WIC participants so they can have a better understanding of what foods to buy and how to use their WIC checks to pay for them. About the WIC […]

Texas WIC Food Packages

The Texas WIC Nutrition program food packages were target of several changes in October 1st, 2009. The changes made to them included things like addition of new foods as well as changing some of the current approved food items. To align the food packages with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and current infant feeding practice […]

WIC Food Packages and Lists

The main goal of WIC food packages is to offer supplemental foods and a nutritional guideline designed to fulfill the nutritional requirements of women who have a low-income and are pregnant, breastfeeding, non=breastfeeding post-partum, as well as the nutritional needs of infants and children who are 5 years old or younger and might be at […]