The main goal of WIC food packages is to offer supplemental foods and a nutritional guideline designed to fulfill the nutritional requirements of women who have a low-income and are pregnant, breastfeeding, non=breastfeeding post-partum, as well as the nutritional needs of infants and children who are 5 years old or younger and might be at nutritional risk.

Every participant in the WIC program will have access to the WIC food packages, lists and the nutrition education. Every state should provide you with a list of WIC approved foods, and these might vary form one state to another, so make sure you consult your state agency WIC program approved list.

The new food packages that were revised in December 6, 2007 are aligned with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines  for Americans and infant feeding practice guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Every new revision of the food packages available in the WIC program has the same goal, and that is to promote and support a long term breastfeeding, but also to provide the WIC participants and clients with  diversified foods. These foods include more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals and so on.

The WIC food packages, as stated earlier, vary from one state to another. This is because this way each WIC State agency has a bigger flexibility in promoting foods that meet the cultural food preferences of WIC participants.

Quick Guide for WIC Approved Foods

There is a short visual guide developed by Rhode Island for all WIC participants in attempt to aid and assist them in choosing approved food items when going shopping in retail stores.

In this guide you can find out what are the WIC approved cereals, as well as other eligible foods such as dairy products, beans products and infant foods.

You also have a quick guide that shows you how to use your WIC checks at the store. These WIC checks are valid only at WIC approved stores. You can find the list of WIC approved stores at your local WIC agency.

You should never go shopping without this guide and you should show it to the cashier when you’re done shopping.

Click Here to Download the WIC Approved Food Guide – English version (Right click – Save As)

Click Here to Download the WIC Approved Food Guide – Spanish version (Right click – Save As)