WIC (Women, Infants and Children) is a supplemental nutrition program designed to educate pregnant and breastfeeding women, new mothers, children below the age of 5 and babies about health and nutrition. Under the administration of the Iowa Department of Public Health, the state of Iowa offers their own WIC Program to their residents.

The Iowa WIC Program Benefits

  • Nutrition education and counseling
  • Breastfeeding information, resources and support
  • Special checks to purchase nutritious foods from WIC vendors
  • Health screening and immunization referrals
  • Nutrition counseling with WIC nurses and dietitians
  • Referrals to other Iowa health and social services

The Iowa WIC-Approved Foods

  • Breastfeeding women can receive milk, cheese, juice, cereal, eggs, peanut butter and/or dried beans, tuna or salmon, whole wheat bread, and fruits and vegetables.
  • Children (1-5 years old) can receive milk, juice, cereal, eggs, peanut butter or dried beans, whole wheat bread, and fruits and vegetables.
  • Babies (up to 1 year old) can receive iron-fortified infant formula (if mother can’t breastfeed), baby foods and plain cereal.

Iowa WIC Program Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the state’s WIC Program, you must:

  • Have an Iowa address
  • Have a medical or nutritional need
  • Meet the WIC income eligibility requirements (income of or below 185% of the federal poverty level)

If you think you qualify for the Iowa WIC Program, contact your local WIC clinic to schedule an appointment. They will let you know what documents to bring for your first meeting.

For more information about the Iowa WIC Program, visit their website or call them at (515) 281-6650.