The Minnesota Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program aims to promote, if not improve, health awareness among eligible participants. That being said, numerous efforts have been made to aid in this cause for developing nutrition-centred lifestyles and achieving physical well-being. Under the administration of the Minnesota Department of Health, the state of Minnesota operates a successful WIC Program.

How do I become eligible to join the Minnesota WIC program?

The program is specifically designed for women in need of medical and/or nutritional help, especially those who are undergoing or have recently undergone pregnancy. It is also for newborn babies and children under 5 years of age. One must always meet the WIC income guidelines or be enrolled in another program such as the Minnesota Care Project.

What programs and services are available under the WIC program?

A unique feature of the Minnesota WIC branch is a shopping list which allows you to be informed of the different nutritious food and its benefits.

The list includes whole grains, hot and cold cereals, 100% juice, soy products, canned beans, dairy, infant food, canned fish and of course, fruits and vegetables. It also indicates the required intake and nutritional content of each, which makes healthy living easier.

Still another effort the WIC prides in is the breastfeeding campaign aimed at providing mothers proper information with regard to nursing. This campaign stresses the importance of breast milk, and offers tips and consultation when it comes to using breast pumps and balancing food intake.

For inquiries, you can reach the Minnesota State WIC Office through telephone numbers 1-800-657-3942 and 1-651-201-4404 as well as through the Minnesota WIC website.