The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has come up with a Women, Infant and Children’s Program (or WIC) that will help provide supplemental nutrition to qualified applicants. This is in the hope of improving the health status and nutritional lifestyles of families in over 30 states.

Primary services of this program include health referrals, nutrition education and counselling, risk assessment, breastfeeding promotion and health screening. The WIC program also provides healthy food to its members via local WIC approved stores. Participants can choose from a wide range of items including dairy products, fresh produce, 100% fruit juices, grains and beans. These services are absolutely free of cost to its members. 

What are the benefits of the Missouri WIC Program?

Participation in the WIC has proven beneficial to women. They experience fewer infant deaths and premature births; they seek health care early on, and make healthier food choices. Children enrolled in the program are also observed to have a lower risk of sickness, especially against anemia, as compared to their peers who are not enrolled.

However, aspiring applicants must meet the income guidelines proposed by the program, and must also be at a nutritional or medical risk. The program will aid in developing healthier food choices and will ultimately lead to the physical well-being of children, infants and women before, during and after pregnancy.

How do I contact my local WIC?

You can visit the Missouri WIC Program website or contact them directly through the numbers (573) 522-6266 and (573) 526-1470.