WIC stands for Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. It is a program for pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants, and children under five years of age. It is available in all counties inside of North Dakota. WIC offers healthy food for proper growth and development. It also helps families choose healthier ways of eating. 

What does WIC provide? 

WIC provides nutrition information, counseling and support. It also offers nutritious foods, health screenings and breastfeeding information and support. 

Eligibility for WIC in North Dakota

 Must be: 

  • A pregnant woman
  • A breastfeeding woman up to one year after birth
  • A new mother up to six months after giving birth
  • A parent, caretaker or guardian who has an infant or a child under the age of five years
  • A participant who has a nutritional health risk (WIC staff will check height, weight, iron level and diet history and health history)
  • A participant whose annual household income must be within WIC guidelines

If Participants feel they are eligible, they can answer the WIC Prescreening Tool

The Prescreening Tool can be used to determine if a participant is eligible for WIC benefits. This Prescreening Tool is not an application for WIC. To apply for WIC benefits, participants must make an appointment at their WIC local agency. The Prescreening Tool might also ask household’s earned wages, tips, etc

For other inquiries and concerns about the Connecticut WIC Program, kindly visit their website or call (701) 328-2496.