WIC is a government funded Special Supplemental Food Program aimed at the protection and care of low-income pregnant women, infants and children.

It is an initiative to facilitate and support them during the critical stages of their growth. Medical examination, dietary guidelines, nutrition education, vouchers for food packages and professional counseling are some of the services provided by WIC.

Who may avail of the South Carolina WIC program?

  • Pregnant women are eligible up until 6 months after birth.
  • Infants under a year old may be applied to the program.
  • Only children of up to 5 years of age may avail of the program.

To apply for the South Carolina WIC program, contact or visit your local WIC clinic to arrange an appointment. Eligibility is determined at the time of application.

South Carolina WIC Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Proof of identification – if applying for an infant or child, identification of both the guardian and the child is necessary.
  • Proof of residency within the state of South Carolina – valid ID or current utility bill
  • Income eligibility – applicant must have a financial status of 185% or below of the poverty line. (Those who currently avail of Medicaid, TANF, and SNAP become immediately eligible.)
  • Medically eligible – applicant must be examined and deemed to be of “nutritional risk” in order to become eligible for the program.

For more questions and inquiries regarding the WIC program please visit their website, contact your local WIC clinic or call directly at (803) 898-0743.