The Women, Infants and Children Program, more popularly known as WIC, is a special nutrition program that aims to educate low-income pregnant women, new mothers and young children about general health and nutrition. The state of Utah, under the administration of the Utah Department of Health, has served thousands of Utah families through their WIC Program.

What the Utah WIC Program Offers

Nutrition Education and Counseling 

At each visit to the WIC clinic, participants have an opportunity to learn about nutrition through classes of their choosing or recommended to them by WIC professionals. Among some of the classes are on infant feeding, breastfeeding, dental health and shopping on a budget. 

Breastfeeding Promotion and Support 

The Utah WIC Program supports breastfeeding and offers breastfeeding education, resources and counseling. All clinics have peer counselors, who are mothers that have breastfed, ready to help participants. 

Nutritious Foods 

WIC offers its participants special checks and vouchers to purchase nutritious foods from WIC approved vendors. Click here for WIC approved foods. 


The Utah WIC Programs helps its participants find other Utah programs and services that will be beneficial to their family. These include: 

  • Immunizations
  • Prenatal care
  • Family planning
  • Well child exams
  • Health care
  • Medicaid, Food Stamps and the Family Employment Program
  • Substance abuse treatment centers
  • Food banks 

Eligibility Requirements 

You can apply for the Utah WIC Program if you are a pregnant, breastfeeding, postpartum woman, an infant, a child below 5 years old who:

For more information, visit the Utah WIC website or call 1-877-WIC KIDS (toll-free within Utah.)