Participating in the WIC program is probably one of the smartest decision you made for your and your child’s health.

wic-shopping-guideThis shopping guide was created for all WIC participants so they can have a better understanding of what foods to buy and how to use their WIC checks to pay for them.

About the WIC Shopping Guide

The main purpose of this guide is to help WIC clients and store staff get information about the WIC approved lists by providing food lists and packages

What will you find in this guide:

  • WIC shoppers and retail checkers can find useful information specially addressed to them
  • list of WIC approved foods as well as the foods that re not approved
  • pictures and images of specific brands and types of the foods that are allowed in the WIC program

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A few WIC Shopping Tips

If you have WIC checks:

  • you should use your checks only if your name appears below the signature box
  • they can be used any day between the first and last day of its validity
  • be aware that these checks are accepted only on approved stores that have displayed the “WIC Checks Accepted Here” sign
  • if you’re buying other products, separate those items from the WIC foods
  • always sign the check after your ID is seen by the checker and the amount is written on it.

If you use coupons and loyalty cards or choose foods that have a lower price you can help WIC serve more families.

Keep in mind that store specials such as “buy one, get one free” offers also apply to WIC purchases.

No one forces you to buy all the foods listed on your WIC checks. You can buy less, but you cannot buy more.

Very important to remember is that you should never sign the check before giving it to the checker. If you do this, the check will not be accepted.

Always ask the store staff for help in case you don’t find what you’re looking for. 

For identification purposes you should bring your WIC appointment ID to the store. But you can use other forms of ID as well, they are accepted. What is important is the name on your ID, which should match the name printed on the check, below the signature box.

More tips, as well as a complete guide on foods and shopping for them, in the shopping guide.

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